• Taco Tenders Work for Soft Shell Tacos Too!

    The Taco Tender taco holder works for any size tortilla! You can use them for both soft tacos and hard shell tacos.

  • Taco Tender Taco Shell Holder

    Taco Tenders Are Fun for the Whole Family

    Taco Tenders taco shell holders are fun for the whole family!  Our taco holders help hold 3 tacos upright so they don’t spill or break.  Your kids will love them and you’ll love the quick and easy cleanup with our dishwasher safe taco holders.

  • Restaurant Quality Taco Holders

    Taco Tenders are even used in your favorite restaurants like the Red Cadillac in Union, NJ.  Wholesale pricing is available. These taco racks hold up to 3 tacos upright so they don’t spill all over the plate. They’re also dishwasher safe and virtually unbreakable.

  • Taco Tender Taco Shell Holder

    Buy Taco Tenders

    The Taco Tender is a patented taco shell holder designed to hold your tacos upright for easy building and eating.  No more spilled tacos or broken shells. The Taco Tender makes taco building and eating fun for the whole family, even the kids.