Customization and Branding

Would you like to customize our taco holders to match your branding or other need? Through our manufactures color matching process we are able to produce Taco Tenders in any color you would like.

Our Original Taco Tenders and Oven Safe Taco Tenders are made from two different materials, so the process is a little bit different for each one. As a result, the customization fee/price is different based on the product.

Custom Colors

Choose any color you would like and we can get it matched. Please note that polypropylene has a semi-glossy sheen and silicone has a matte finish. Keep this in mind when picking a color that will match your brand.

Original Taco Tender

Material: Polypropylene
Taco Slots: 3
Color Match Fee: $250.00

Cost Breakdown:
The color match fee for polypropylene is a one time fee with no minimum or maximum order requirements. In the future, that color will always be available for you to use without needing to pay that fee again.

Oven-Safe Taco Tender

Material: Food Grade Silicone
Taco Slots: 2
Color Match Minimum Order: 6 Cases

Cost Breakdown:
The coloring process for silicone is directly applied to the silicone mixture. This process makes a specific amount of silicone that needs to be used up. That amount adds up to 6 cases of 120 pieces each, or 720 total pieces. The minimum quantity of 720 pieces needs to be met before we can begin the molding process.

Depending on the color, we may choose to complete the production for an order request under 720 pieces and keep the remaining quantity. This option is not a guarantee and remaining stock needed to complete the order would be paid for by Taco Tender and used at our discretion.


Custom Branding

Take your restaurant or next event to the next level with your logo or custom text of your choice.

Price: $2,500.00

Cost Breakdown:
Adding your logo means we will need a custom plate to add to our injection molds. This process takes time to machine and adds up fast. The good news is, once you have the custom plate, we can run it over, and over, and over again.

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