Wholesale/Bulk Ordering

Wholesale and Bulk orders now include free shipping and handeling. Our new Wholesale/Bulk ordering system also includes the ability to mix and match colors to meet the minimum wholesale quanitity pricing. Original Taco Tenders come in a case of 250 Taco Tenders. Oven Safe Taco Tenders come in a case of 120 Taco Tenders. Ordering in increments of case quanity will ensure a new, sealed case on delivery. Mismatching color orders with quantities less than 250 (original) or 120 (oven safe) per color will be repackaged at our discretion. 

The Process

Our new Wholesale and Bulk ordering system works in our existing web shop.

To start a bulk order select the desired color and enter the quantity. The wholesale pricing applies to the quanity in your cart. So, it won’t reflect the wholesale price until the minium quantity of 250 (original) is met. For example:

100 black, 50 white, 50 red, and 50 blue totals 250.

This would qualify for the 250-499 tier pricing (see more on the pricing table below).

Add the desired color and quantity to your cart. In the example image we haved added 1000 Red Original Taco Tenders. This shows the the quantity, the original price, and the new wholesale price. Adding 500 more pieces would unlock the new tier pricing of $1.53 per piece. 

Wholesale/Bulk Pricing Chart

Underneath the short product description is the “View Wholesale/Bulk Pricing Chart” link. This chart reflects prices per item based on the quanity.

Tip: Clicking on a Tier or price on the wholesale/bulk chart will populate the quantity field next to the “add to cart” button with the minimum quantiy required for that  price tier. This is a fast way to order by the case. Selecting the price under a color will automatically select that color on the product page for even faster bulk order building. 

Remember: Quantities in the cart unlock new pricing tiers. Adding 250 Black and 250 Red will give you the pricing of the 500 tier for both colors.

Let’s Get Started

Original Taco Tender

Polypropylene Taco Holder with 3 slots

Oven Safe Taco Tender

Silicone Taco Holder with 2 slots

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